Alex Sepkus at Sabbia in Chicago and Miami

Alex Sepkus is a Lithuanian designer based in New York City. Every process in creating his jewelry is done entirely under a microscope. From hand hammering, chasing, engraving, gemstone setting, and final finishing, no small detail is compromised. Alex Sepkus very rarely sketches on paper, he prefers to carve directly into the wax, which is then cast in metal. All original pieces are made entirely by Alex. Once he has completed a piece, he brings it to his team of craftsmen and trains them to execute the techniques used to make the piece. Only after they have mastered the specific skills is the piece put into production. His pieces are known to have microscopic detailing and hidden surprises within the carvings. Alex Sepkus’ personal design philosophy is for his unique jewelry to be beautiful creations that are meant to be fun and worn every day.