Black Diamond Pave Shamballa Lock Bracelet

Black Diamond Pave Shamballa Lock Bracelet

from 21,230.00

10mm Black Gold Lock Beads

5 x 10mm 18K black rhodinated white gold with black diamond pave .46ct each

2 x 6mm 18K black rhodinated gold end beads

1 x 6mm black rhodinated white gold square lock with white diamond .01ct

The iconic Shamballa Bracelet was founded with the intention of creating precious jewellery that encourage us to connect our inner compassion and wisdom. Each bracelet is comprised of 18K gold and diamond beads and sophisticated precious gems strung together by the ancient macramé technique. This elegant 10mm black diamond pave lock bracelet is set with 18K black rhodinated gold pieces. The Shamballa collection is equally fueled by innovation and tradition and each unique bracelet has a Star of Shamballa—two intercrossed thunderbolts, representing the irresistible force created when creativity springs in a pure, conscious mind. This creative force is found in everyone and Shamballa invites us to explore the force within ourselves.

Note: the exact number of black rhodinated white gold beads will depend on the size selected at checkout


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