Lina Fanourakis Chamomile Earrings

Lina Fanourakis Chamomile Earrings


22K gold & 18K white gold 18.30 grams
Rose cut diamonds

*please note that these earrings are a-symmetrical

Lina has designed these earrings with one long stem and one shorter stem. The flower on the shorter stem has one petal missing, reminding us of the “he loves me, he loves me not” game of French origin that uses the pulling of flower petals to answer the question of whether the object of their affection indeed loves them too. These earrings are an exquisite work of art with a playful twist often captured in Lina's art.

The Fanourakis company, originally founded in 1860, has been designed by Lina Fanourakis for over thirty years. Lina oversees the production process to its finest detail and works with a small and very specialized team of goldsmiths in her workshop in Athens, Greece. Her jewelry designs transcend the logic of vanity and speak to the heart. Using high karat gold and rose cut diamonds, Lina demonstrates her un-matched technical ability in her creation of these Chamomile flower earrings that can also be worn as brooches. Fanourakis pieces are recognized around the world as original pieces of art. Awakening our capacity to dream with an organic elegance and sophistication that is distinct in the fine jewelry industry.

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