Alex Sepkus R-122 with Rainbow Sapphires

Alex Sepkus R-122 with Rainbow Sapphires

from 3,280.00

18K yellow gold
6 Rainbow sapphires .50ct
9 White diamonds .12ct

*color mixes for sapphire combinations vary, please specify your color preferences!

Alex Sepkus’ colorful Candy line features a mixture of beautiful colored sapphires brought to life in gold-work which uses his unique techniques of hand hammering, engraving, stone setting, oxidiying and finishing, leaving no detail to the imagination. Sepkus' work has whimsical feeling, a hidden design or intricacy that is balanced by his respect for precision and symmetry. Sepkus' design philosophy is that jewelry is meant to be fun and worn everyday and this rainbow colored candy ring is carefully crafted with that intention.


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